All the technology you need for your event

At Eventify we support event organizers providing technology for the four steps of a successful event:

Build the website

With our CMS you can manage program, speakers, sponsors and contacts simply, without a developer.

Sell tickets

Get registrations and sell tickets for your event, customize the registration parameters and profile your attendees.

Publish the app

Mobile devices are everywhere, don't miss the chance to be in your customers pockets, we make your event app.

Promote on socials

Our CMS is social network-ready, but we also make promotion campaigns for your events and we collect the feedbacks.

Eventify is successfully adopted by many professional congress organizers.

Our tools are continuously improved collecting our customers feedbacks, to be exactly like you need them.

Product highlight: The CMS

Product highlight: The CMS

How many times you need to change something quickly into your event website but also need a developer to do that?
That time is over, you can do all by yourself with our CMS for events.

Manage the event program, speakers, sponsors, patronages and contacts, in seconds. Deal with change like you never did before.

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